DWW Mission

What we provide

toprow1We provide you with your own profile "MY DWW". Here you can add information and maintain relations with your colleagues. You can share personal information with each other, one to one, or in your speciality.


toprow1We have developed realtime video conference based on Google Chrome. It's possible to have videoconference with up to 4 people simultaneously. The video conference will be a unique way of sharing your knowledge, information and keeping in contact with your colleagues around the world.


toprow1With your contribution, we aim to provide the latest information along with archived documentation from other doctors all over the world. Your input and contribution here, together with your knowledge and experience in a specific field will enable you to share crucial information with other doctors.


This is what we have

  • Social Media
    • - Connecting colleagues
    • - Speciality correlated
    • - Find ned colleagues

      • Video Conference
    • - Free functionality
    • - Based on Google Chrome

  • Share Information
    • - Articles, links
    • - Upload your text, video

  • Links
    • - Conferences
    • - Databases
    • - Medical news
    • - Health authorities


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Examples of usefull links

flu vaccineScientists Discover Potential Vaccine for Malaria

Scientists have discovered a key process during the invasion of the blood cell by the ...  > full story



Diabetes Drugs Affect Hearts of Men, Women Differently

Widely used treatments for type 2 diabetes have different effects on the hearts...  > full story



First In-Human Trial of Endoxifen Shows Promise as Breast Cancer Treatment 

A Phase I trial of endoxifen, an active metabolite of the cancer drug tamoxifen ... > full story



Study Breaks Blood-Brain Barriers to Understanding Alzheimer's 

A study in mice shows how a breakdown of the brain's blood vessels may ...  > full story



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